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Finally we’d love if you would update us with information about your coworking space, even if it hasn’t opened yet or has since closed.

Coworking Europe Conference

Two years ago we hosted the Coworking Europe Conference in Croke Park. Last year’s conference was in Amsterdam and this year the conference is in Warsaw, on November 13-14-15 (Wed-Fri).

SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets are still available (€250) - however - we have been offered a discount of 5%-15%. If we can gather a group of 5+ delegates then we can achieve the max 15% discount. So if you are considering attending please let us know today. You can use the form below.

At the conference it will be possible for you to host or attend unconferences, e.g. “Rural Coworking” or “How to market my space”. If you are interested in this then we’ll let you know how that works at one of our meetups.

Coworking Operator’s Meetup
All details to be confirmed

  • Date: April 2019 (Exact date tbc)

  • Venue: Talent Garden, Drumcondra, Dublin

  • Cost: Free (Thanks to Machaela from Talent Garden)

This is a great opportunity to network with other coworking space operators, learn from each other, maybe create some synergies.

N.B. The Coworking Europe organizers will dial into the meetup and are interested in hearing what we have to say. Relevant topics and issues will be fed back to the organizing team.

Changes to

Over the next few weeks we are redesigning the website. Coworking in Ireland has grown so fast that the site needs a redesign to manage all the new spaces. You will be able set up your own entry - add photos etc. We’ll contact you when this is available.

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