Coworking Spaces in Ireland

Starting your own Coworking Space, or maybe you already run one?

The Irish Coworking Assembly promotes Coworking in Ireland. If you are running a Coworking Space, or are interested in starting your own space, then please get in touch.  

Coworking is special, it's a self-sustaining community of independent people working is a shared space. It's definitely not just a serviced office or rented desk.  Coworking is about openness, collaboration and community.  

Here are some facts put together by a global survey of 2,000 Coworking spaces.  When people work in a Coworking space:

  • 86% felt less isolated
  • 80% of their businesses expanded 
  • 71% felt that their productivity increased
  • 75% expect their income to rise
  • 66% expect their work volume to increase
Source: Deskmag Global Coworking Surveys 2012 and 2014

In a Harvard Business Review article, researcher Gretchen Spreitzer demonstrated that people in coworking spaces see more meaning in their work, feel more in control and have a sense of belonging.  For this reason people report that they "thrive" in coworking spaces when compared to traditoinal work spaces or working from home.